Finally, an easy-to-use monthly budget tool.

Free monthly budget tool

You've heard it a thousand times—creating a monthly budget is the BEST way to take control of your money.

It's true! It feels liberating to know that you can comfortably splurge on guacamole or go to a nice brunch with your friends and family.

Not having a budget can feel overwhelming. Am I saving enough? Will I be able to afford a vacation this year?

Building a budget allows you to answer the question, "where is all my money going?"

And best of all, it gives you permission to spend your money. Because you KNOW that you can afford that extra guacamole while still hitting your saving goals.

But most budget tools are complicated, tedious, or unhelpful.

Building a budget might not be the most fun thing to do. But it doesn't have to be difficult.

If you know how to use a keyboard, you can use my budget tool. It's really that simple. And if you have any questions along the way (no matter how small), I'm only a quick email away.

This budget tool is the exact spreadsheet that I have used to save nearly 50% of my income every year since I started working. It really works.

The spreadsheet comes pre-populated with an example budget. All you have to do is type in your income and expenses. Simple!

What's included in the financial model tool pack?

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How much can you afford to save every month? How much can you reasonably afford to pay for rent or your mortgage? Use this personalized budget tool to find out.

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Tax tool

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Emergency fund calculator

Calculate how much you should keep in your emergency fund. Don't rely on rules of thumb alone, let the numbers tell you what to do!

Plus, you will always have free access to new and updated tools.

About prosperlyway

I am a finance professional who loves helping people take control of their money. I have saved nearly 50% of my income every year, through a combination of detailed budgeting, spending awareness, and income maximization.

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FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this spreadsheet really free?
    • Yes, absolutely free and exclusive to subscribers of prosperlyway.
  • Will you spam my email address?
    • Never. By signing up you will receive a welcome email with the access code to the financial tool pack and a weekly curated email to keep you up to date with prosperlyway! You can always unsubscribe at any time.
  • Do I need to be an expert with excel to use your spreadsheets?
    • No! All of the spreadsheets are simple and easy-to-use templates that are pre-populated with examples. All you have to do is type in your income and expenses, and voila! If you can use a keyboard, you can use these spreadsheets.
  • Do I really need to build a monthly budget to save money?
    • If you have a superhuman ability to save money without even thinking, maybe not. But if you want to maximize and grow your wealth, a monthly budget is an amazing start. Wouldn't you rather know how much you can afford to spend per month, rather than blindly hoping you spend less than you earn? Building a budget allows you to give yourself permission to spend money!